Friday, 28 October 2016

Cultural Appropriation

Amazon has stopped selling a ‘sexy burka’ party outfit. There were a lot of complaints. The usual screeching from the policor zealots: disgusting, racist, cultural appropriation.
This brought back a memory of one of our vacations in Eilat.
We had been upgraded to Herods Palace. On the first evening we went down to reception to ask for our free bath robes and slippers.
There was a Sephardic French couple with their teenage son and daughter checking in before us. They looked a bit tired
We saw them again the next morning at breakfast. The first to come in were the mother and son. They sat down a few tables from us.
After a good night's sleep in a Herods bed, the tiredness of the previous evening was gone and they were smiling vibrantly at each other and the other guests.
The mother was wearing a nice summer dress.
The son had long Lady Gaga-type fingernails that were painted bright red.
He was wearing a cotton "tallit katan", a poncho-like small prayer vest with four fringes. It is worn by religious Jews over or under their clothes.
However, the tallit katan was all he was wearing on the upper part of his body.
On the lower part of his body he was wearing tight short shorts. They were inclined upward at the sides to accentuate the length of his shaved legs.
For footwear he had chosen calf-high cowboy boots with elevated heels.
The father and daughter came in a few minutes later.
He had grown a full black beard overnight. Most of his head was covered by a large multi-coloured knitted kippah (skullcap).
For the rest, he was dressed in clothes usually associated with religious settlers. They looked dirty, but I think they were stained to create a dirty effect.
The girl was voluptuous.
There is an appropriate Dutch expression: “wood in front of the door”. She had enough wood there for a Siberian winter.
I was amazed that it did not tumble out, as her top was skintight with a deep décolleté.
She had an ample supply of wood behind the door as well. This was only partially covered by a skimpy miniskirt. Every time she moved, she flashed an eyeful of her opulent buttocks.
No, I was not foaming at the mouth. That was the froth from the excellent cappuccino that Herods serves.

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