Wednesday, 10 August 2016

I have a reason to like Marks & Spencer

This month, August 2016, Marks & Spencer are celebrating 90 years of glamorous lingerie advertising since they created their first bra.
That brings back some childhood memories.
My parents had a clothes shop in the Elephant and Castle, a neighbourhood south of the Thames. We lived behind and on top of the shop.
It was a slum neighbourhood. They later knocked it all down and built a new slum of ugly flats.
When I was 6 my parents sent me to a boarding school in Hove. Before that, I spent a lot of my time playing alone in our parlour, that was behind the shop.
My mother used to bring women back into the parlour to try on clothes. As a young child I saw lots of bras and corsets. At the same time I saw my mother again. The women in their underwear often gave me a cuddle and a kiss.

I have always appreciated lingerie.

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