Monday, 1 August 2016

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs

We all completely and categorically condemn (calls for) genocide without any ifs and buts. Do we not? No, we do not. Well at least not where I live.
It is now mainstream in the Netherlands to at least “understand” (calls for) the genocide of 6.4 million Israeli Jewish men, women and children. Two recent incidents have illustrated this.

The first was a letter from the Dutch Foreign Ministry.
A Palestinian crept into the bedroom of a 13 year old Israeli Jewish girl and stabbed her to death. Usually the whole world condemns the willful murder of a 13 year old girl. However, she was an Israeli Jew and that makes it different.
The Palestinian news agency referred to the murderer as a martyr of the resistance and called on others to kill random Israeli Jews.
The Netherlands had subsidized this news agency. So, a Jewish organization asked the Dutch Foreign Ministry to condemn the murder and the incitement.

In its reply, the Foreign Ministry did not only refuse to condemn the murder and incitement to genocide. It also referred to them as acts of resistance against the occupation.
I have the impression that the Dutch Foreign Ministry’s idea of peace in Israel/Palestine is the peace of a large Jewish cemetery.

The second incident was a recent television programme on the Dutch public network.
The Lebanese Belgian, Dyab Abou JahJah was invited to be the guest of an evening-long programme that was intended to be a podium for his ideas and beliefs.

The British press calls him a, “controversial fanatic who glorified the murder of British soldiers”. For Douglas Murray he is “a well-known thug on the Continent, particularly in Belgium and Holland”. He is banned from entering the UK.

For the mainstream Dutch media he is salonfähig. They refer to him as an “activist” and “publicist”.
Abou JaJah hates a lot of things, but his most intense hatred is reserved for “Zionists” and Israel. He is a cheerleader for those who would kill all “Zionists” and Israeli Jews.

Abou JahJah has little influence with Muslims. His father is Shia and his mother Christian. He wanted to fight for Hezbollah. The Muslims in Belgium and the Netherlands are Sunni. He is a marked man.
He may have little influence among Muslims, but he is the darling of the regressive left in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The basic definition of political Zionism is that Jews are a people and have a right to self-determination like all other peoples. According to Pew surveys some 90% of world Jewry, about 13 million people, agree with this.
Abou JahJah supports the mass murder of all “Zionists”.

How can the regressive left support this call for genocide?
I was given the answer forty-six years ago in Menorca. Before the arrival of Muslims in the Netherlands. I was drinking in a small bar in a fishing village with a Dutch revolutionary who later became a bookseller.
He looked at me earnestly with his Che Guevara stare and said in a tipsy voice:
 “Well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs”.

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