Sunday, 22 February 2015

"Fight anti-Semitism: kill the right Jews"

Begin 2015 there were a number of jihadist attacks in Europe. Some were directed towards Jews. There were fatalities.
After these attacks, the Prime Minister of Israel called on European Jews to leave for Israel, where he said they would be safer. He was in the middle of an election campaign and I thought he was just playing politics, I still do. 
However, he was also right.
Not only because of Muslim extremism and anti-Semitism. The reaction to this extremism by many on the European left is an even bigger problem. They blame Israel for the rise in anti-Semitism and compare support of Israel to support of IS.

Take the example of the Labor party mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb. On the surface a vociferous opponent of anti-Semitism who uses clear language without any ifs and buts. He was even invited to President Obama’s summit on extremism.
However, take a look at his arguments. Why does he object to the chants of "kill the Jews"?
He objects because in his own words, "you cannot blame all Jews for Israel just like you cannot blame all Sunnis for IS". 
So, according to his explanation Israel is responsible for the anti-Semitism and Israel is comparable to IS. Would he object to the chant of "kill the Zionist Jews"?

It is not only Aboutaleb. Another example: a letter (the only one published) in the socialist daily de Volkskrant from Noor van den Bergh, who says she is Jewish, commenting on the attack on the Copenhagen synagogue. She objects to the Israeli flag next to the Copenhagen synagogue that was attacked. She distances herself from Israel.
In fact she is saying, leave me alone, go after the Zionist Jews.
A day later a full column in the same newspaper from Myra Keizer, who also says she is Jewish. Once again the comparison between Israel and IS. Again it sounds like, leave me alone, go after the Zionist Jews.
Both women are members of a small anti-Zionist Jewish organization, whose leader is a strong supporter of the Socialist Party.

You would have to pretty obtuse not to know what this socialist newspaper is trying to tell you.
The left in the Netherlands has turned the attack on a Copenhagen synagogue into an Israel-hating fest. This is happening all over western Europe as well.
Aboutaleb and his (Jewish) supporters have separated Jews into "good" and "bad" Jews. The good ones who hate Israel should be left alone. 
And the overwhelming majority of European Jews who support Israel, what about them? Well, anything that happens to them is their own fault for supporting Israel. 

The new mantra of the Israel-haters is, "fight anti-Semitism: kill the right Jews".