Saturday, 17 March 2018

Intersectionality: rationalized hatred

I am reading that some of my American Jewish sisters are disillusioned/upset/shocked because the leaders of the Women’s March have refused to condemn the manifest anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakhan.
Actually, it would have been out of character for them to condemn Farrakhan.

The basic idea of these modern “feminists” is simple and does not begin with women: there is a overarching global struggle between the good guys (the oppressed) and the bad guys (the oppressors). 
This is garnished with a sauce of anti-white “identity politics”.

The bad guys are “right-wing”: racist, sexist, fascist, Nazi, capitalist, imperialist, colonialist, Zionist, white supremacist, etc., etc.
The west is full of bad guys, especially in America and Israel.

The good guys are “left-wing”, even if they do not know it.
Hamas is a pan-Islamist organization that oppresses women, kills gays and calls for the genocide of all Jews in the world.
Yet Judith Butler supports Hamas and says it is part of the “global left”.
Why? Because Hamas is fighting the Zionists, represents oppressed Muslims (identity politics) and is being hounded by the imperialist regimes of the west.

In this superficial hotchpotch of global “intersectionality” and “identity politics”, the perpetrator is more relevant than the victim.
The anti-Semitism at Charlottesville was bad because it came from “the right”, the oppressors. The anti-Semitism of Farrakhan was not condemned because it came from an ally, a representative of the oppressed Muslims and Blacks.

Linda Sarsour and friends do not organize marches in support of oppressed Iranian women, because Iran is also part of Judith Butler’s “global left” and fighting the Zionists, imperialists and white supremacists.

It is a very simple ideology. Not really feminism, but an attempt to harness women to a “global struggle”. Of course, if you are a Zionist woman you will not be accepted by this movement.
You are an enemy, one of the oppressors.