Friday, 30 September 2016

I almost forgot

It started with the exposure of the killing fields in Cambodia. After the Vietnamese invasion, the world saw the magnitude of the mass slaughter committed by the Khmer Rouge.

Then I looked around at my acquaintances, my peer group, my subsection of society. Most had marched in support of the Khmer Rouge. 
What was their reaction? Were they remorseful? Upset? Disillusioned? The answer was no, no and no. They were just not interested, it was yesterday’s news. 
That was when I left this political scene. There was no individual responsibility.

Demonstrations were exhilarating and exciting. You could bleat in unison with the other sheep. Fighting the good fight with thousands of other screeching yobs. 
That also made you horny and you had a good fuck afterwards. The best way to get inside a girl’s panties was to take her on a demonstration first. 
It was all a game for spoilt, bored children of the welfare state.

Then you start your adult life: a job and children. New bikes for your kids are more important than the imperialist, colonial machinations in darkest Africa.

Then one day you look around and find that you are now on the wrong side. You have become the target of the bleating sheep. The yobs are screeching at you.

Then you say to yourself, I almost forgot, I am a Jew.
And you are not just any Jew. You are the first generation after the Holocaust. 

Time to wake up from your political lethargy.
That “never again” starts with you.