Saturday, 11 April 2020

Insulting people to their face

On May 5, 1945 the German occupational forces in the Netherlands surrendered. Since then May 5 has been celebrated by the Dutch as Liberation Day.

May 4 is Remembrance Day.
On this day the Dutch victims of the Second World War (more than half were Jews) are remembered with commemorations. In the evening a remembrance ceremony is held on Dam Square in Amsterdam with the king and queen and other Dutch dignitaries in attendance.
They stand or sit in a cordoned off area in the middle, surrounded by some 20,000 spectators who have come to either show their respects or see the dignitaries.

At 20:00 a two-minute silence is observed to honour the fallen.
In 2010 a man started to scream during the two-minute silence. This resulted in a general panic; the spectators thought it was a terrorist attack. People tried to flee in all directions and 63 were wounded.

The man who had caused all the commotion was arrested. He became known as the “Dam shouter”.
He was a nonentity, an intellectually and emotionally challenged hater who used to spend his days roaming the streets of Amsterdam provoking and insulting people. His idea of humour was a sneer.
This was the only way he could get attention.

He enjoyed his notoriety and even published an autobiography in 2016. Eventually he became yesterday’s news.
Why did he not take to social media?
After all, social media is full of nonentities who crave attention by provoking, insulting and sneering.
I think because keyboard hating did not give him any kicks.
He was old-fashioned, he liked to insult people to their face.

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