Thursday, 23 September 2021


Mornings in the desert can be long, especially if you start at dawn. Lunch is the main meal of the day.
Only mad dogs and shepherds go out in the midday sun.

I took the early bus to Beer Sheva for a morning course on sheep. This is around 50 years ago, so my memories are somewhat vague.

We were a small group of people standing on a lawn. There was a man who had a goat with him. Why he had a goat and not a sheep I cannot remember.
Perhaps goats were cheaper than sheep.
He was going to cut the goat up to explain its anatomy.
The goat seemed oblivious to our presence. All it was interested in was eating grass.

He laid the goat on its side on the ground.
The goat stretched its neck, trying to continue eating grass with the side of its mouth. 
Then the man slit its throat and opened it up.
I remember noticing undigested blades of grass in the goat's gullet.

It was very hot in the bus back to the kibbutz. It was a Hamsin day and the windows were shut to keep out the hot air.
There was no airco in the bus.

After lunch I started an afternoon shift with the sheep in the Hamsin. It was a lazy afternoon because of the intense heat. The sheep were not interested in moving much and neither was I.

People can be just as stupid as goats and sheep, except we are more diverse in our stupidity.

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